We try to write it all down so, if you have any questions we want to be sure it is in writing for all. Rev: 1-2018

~ By making any reservation online or by phone you have agreed to comply with these Contracted terms and conditions in place.

~PHONE RESERVATIONS: confirmation MUST e-mail back they received the confirmation information and state that you: “I AGREE ON THE TERMS”.
This assures that you have read the policy and agree to the terms. If not received, then you are subject to the reservation not being valid. This is for credit card compliance regulations which is required.

Full Payment for the reservations is expected at check-in/or before entry.
Payment by any of the following methods:
Credit card: Visa, Master card, and Discover – Extra 2% reservation processing fee/ Card fee will apply.
Cashier’s Checks & checks only allowed, only confirmed by owner.
Please, let us know if it is international reservations before booking.
Addition $35.00 fee will apply if a manual entry of card must be done. We do get charged more if this is not done.
A $40.00 late fee plus $5.00 per day till paid in full will be charged if not paid by the check-out date. Any discounts will be voided if you do not pay by the departure date/time and will go to the standard rate on grid for that time.

Each Cabin has its own Max capacity and we encourage you to not and exceed that max capacity. If there is a special circumstance that requires you to exceed the Max capacity, there is additional guest fee of $50.00 for each additional person/ (under age 2 is exempt). Please provide this information at booking or call to confirm additional information.

You will be charged FIRST night stay for the deposit on all regular cabins bookings on regular cabins. This excludes #18/Pre-rally/Rally/Holiday dates/ large group bookings.

~PRE/and RALLY DEPOSITS/ CANCELLED CABINS: Pre-rally /Rally dates: 7/31/18-8/13/2018. If cancellation during this time you will be liable for half amount due up until April 15 and full amount due after that date.

FOR ALL LARGE GROUPS, Multiple cabins, holiday rental: Half down at making reservations.
All amount is due prior to stay and is Non-Refunded due to the large reservation placed. When confirming this states that you agree to a non-returnable contract. An e-mail will be sent to ensure you agree to the terms and conditions to the contracted times and cabins/homes.
Standard cabins- If you do not cancel within “14” day (fourteen) period you will be liable for all nights’ book on regular cabins only #1-17.
This excludes: holidays, pre rally, rally and executive lodge a “30” day notice is required for these times. The cabin you rented that nights that are Not resold based on your original cabin reservation request.
We operate a cancellation policy and reserve the right to these charges given based that we rent cabin time. You have contracted these dates and liable for the policy in which you have agreed upon.

~CANCELLATION NOTICES on Regular cabin/ excludes holiday and Pre-Rally/ Rally: Accommodation for any cancellations received less than “14 day” before arrival date by 4pm MST on any cabin in the event of a No show you will be charged on regular stay. No exemptions. All cancellations due by 5:00 MST or considered the next day of cancellation.

~ ALL CANCELLATIONS/ changes must be in writing or e-mail (ONLY), No telephone cancellations taken to assure that all cancellation processes are done for both parties. You will receive a cancellation e-mail for all records.
~To avoid misunderstanding, please provide your Name and Cabin Number and Date of Check-In reservation. If renting the whole establishment there is a no-refund policy in place for any payment received. With the policies, you agree to any Chargeback amount, that you will be charged accountants hourly rate and/or legal fee for any charge back on credit cards until it is resolved.

~PAYMENT BEFORE ENTRY: All reservation will be paid in full before entry with the card on file. Please notify us if paying with other payments, different card, cashier check or cash before entry. If payment not paid before checking out an $35.00 manual fee will apply.
There will be NO refunds for any early departures. No Exceptions.
*Person who is renting the cabin(s) is liable for any payments and damages.

~MINIMUM STAY: Some cabins/log homes have a minimum stay, please call or email for any questions or details.
2 night’s stay required in larger log homes/cabins: #1/2/3/7/8/9/10/11.
3-night minimum for #18/ 3 nights’ Holiday stay requires a minimum stay.
Rally, pre-rally is a minimum of 5 nights. If you have any questions let us know.

~EARLY DEPARTURE: The guest is responsible for payment of the reservation regardless of the guest’s actual arrival or departure.

Call if requesting one-night stay. We do have 1 night stays, for only certain cabins, please see web page or call if you have any questions. Any opening we will consider booking.

~HOLIDAY DATES: Memorial Day, 4th of July and Labor Day weekend(s). You must do 3-night minimum stay required. If any opening is in between, we will rent available dates.
Deposit half down is required for deposits for the Holidays and the Lodge #18 holiday stay.

~#18 EXECUTIVE LODGE INFORMATION: A 3 night’s stay required in the Silver Mountain Lodge. #18 Silver Mountain Executive lodge has its own policy in place.
Excludes Rally week for 3-night stay unless there are openings we will consider those dates. 5 night stay is for the rally week.
# 18 LODGE: You will be charged for all nights.
A Half down deposit/ NON- Refundable for this lodge is required due to the demand and size of property. #18 Lodge You will be charged the rest of the deposit amount 60-day prior unless other arrangements are made and confirmed by owner.

~#18 EXECUTIVE LODGE- CANCELLATION NOTICE: *If not cancelled within 60 days of arrival you will be liable for the whole amount for the lodge. Check in time is at 3-5 pm MST.
Walk through and Inspection will be done by person whom rented the lodge. At check in/check out by renter and owner/staff member before keys are given and leaving. Any damages or an excessive mess you will be charged for it.
#18 For septic reasons, no more than 12 people in lodge at once. This is not a for large group gathering. You will be charged $450.00 and up for any one that has exceeded this on our Lodge for septic pumping and extra cleaning.
The pavilion is provided for Large gatherings and picnics.

~RENTAL OF WHOLE ESTABLISHMENT OR MULTI UNIT RENTALS: *If the entire place is rented for a large event: all deposits and payments must be paid in full. Half due at the time of booked and agree upon date of other payment and will be agreed upon per email for documentation. This is a non- refundable booking. We do let large groups and family reunions rent with the stipulation that this is a great on taking for everyone and us. So, we want to be sure you know that it is a non- refundable contract for this situation. Insurance: We encourage all renters to purchase traveler insurance.
A email will be issued after half down is received and agreed upon by the customer to ensure all is covered. An e-mail correspondence will be sent to ensure you agree to the terms and conditions to the contracted times and cabins/homes.

~CHECK IN TIMES: from 3:00 p.m. to 5:00 pm MST & CHECK OUT time is 10:00 AM. MST.
Summer hours: 8-5 MST. Winter hours please call ahead to arrange times. Guests, who are required to check in at the office.
If arriving later than 5PM, should make late arrival arrangements by telephone prior to arrival. Arrangements for the keys will be inside on the hook by door area.

~STURGIS RALLY/ Pre Rally POLICY: DATES: 7/31/18-8/13/2018
All Sturgis Rally and Pre- Sturgis rally reservations will require a Deposit of Fifty-percent (50%) paid of total stay from DATES: 7/31/17-8/13/2017 for this contracted time when making reservation. Full payment for the Rally will be due by April 15th- cutoff date or forfeit the deposit paid and lose your spot.
Sturgis Rally Cancellations: result in forfeiture of all payments collected for Sturgis 2018.
5 or( +) Night minimum stay for Sturgis Bike Week. ANY availability dates are open we will let booking of those days. Please, call if you have questions.

~ HOLIDAY RESERVATIONS: Require a deposit of Fifty-percent of total stay/non-refundable due to the demand for this time contracted.
Silver Mountain Lodge #18: requires half down and other half due 60 days before arrival.
In certain cases, a legal contract may be issued if requesting the whole facility time.

~PET POLICY: Each pet: $35.00 fees/ each animal. No dogs over 50 pounds, no exceptions. We have the right to refuse animals due to scheduling, allergies, damages and liability factors. Pet owners will be financially responsible for any damages and extra cleaning. No animals on furniture of beds. Bring carrier if you plan on leaving animal for any time. Only certain cabins allow animals, not all cabins. Any service animals must show proper id before entry. Please help keep this a pet friendly place.

~OFF SEASON/ winter/early spring times: Need 1-2-day notice for reservations in the off season for the homes so the cabin can be ready/ hot water heater turned on. Some small cabins are Not open during winter, call if any questions before booking.
Cleaning Fee on cabin homes: #7/8/9/11 fee is $50.00, #10 is $75.00/#18 is $150.00 cleaning fee for the Executive Silver Mountain Lodge.

~Minimum stay Fees: An Extra fee $25.00 for small cabins plus, sales tax for contracted cleaning, if not a minimum stay, on cabins- the larger log/homes are standard cleaning fee stated under cleaning fee on cabin homes.

~ INTERNATIONAL CUSTOMERS: Bookings are to be paid in full when booking. International credit card fee may apply, only if more than regular standard card rate. Please call for this fee charge if any questions.

~ITEMS: We do not supply salt and pepper, sugar, coffee, bar soaps, shampoo/ conditioner, paper towels or napkins, due to some may be allergic to certain items/ liability reasons and personal preferences. We are modern cabins and include other modern amenities.
Cabins have linens (sheets and quilt) pillows, towels, hand towel, wash cloths, dishtowel, dish cloths, Coffee pot, coffee filters, pot, pan, plates, coffee cups, wine glasses, silverware, spatula, microwave, toaster, 2 rolls of toilet paper for smaller cabins and 3 for larger cabins for your stay.
~LIMITED HOUSEKEEPING: We have limited housekeeping and do not do daily housekeeping inside, and towel service. Only if staying over 3-night stay towel service will be provided.

ITEMS: The cabin will be stocked with an initial supply of 2 trash liners, 2 toilet paper paper, 1 hand soap and 1 dishwasher soap.
Items in cabins: Sheet set(s)Per bed, Quilt per bed, Towels & washcloths (1 per person) per quantity in cabin. One Dish towel, dish cloth, 1 hand towel per bathroom. Dishes, coffee cups, pot, pan, pot holder, silverware, spatula, wine glasses, toaster, microwave, coffee pot & filters.

~DISCLAIMER: We are in the Black Hills woods, there are critters, squirrels, chick monks, bugs, spiders, and Mother Nature, weather and traffic that we have no control over. If something breaks and cannot get it fixed immediately we do not give refunds or free night stay. We are located on HWY 16 which is right along a roadway the HWY 16. Certain cell/internet service in all the Black Hills may not work (limited) so, be sure to check with your provider. No net flick streaming because it will turn off the internet system. We have no control of this. Insurance: We encourage all renters to purchase traveler insurance.
~LOCATION: 4 miles from Keystone, 6 miles to MT. Rushmore, 12 miles to Hill City and Rapid City. 15 Miles to Needles Hwy, 22 miles to Custer, 45 miles to Sturgis.
No liability can be accepted for any errors in the processing or transmission of data. This is contracted time and you are liable and agree to comply with the terms of these policies when booking.
We strive hard to make this the best stay. We look forward to your stay!
Beautiful day in the Hills…Vacation time!